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ITG Containers LINE

Container ITG Shell (accommodates 80 antminer S19 Pro 110 TH)

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Bitcoin mining containers aren’t just about mobility. They also need to optimize for airflow and power efficiency to keep your operating costs low and run your ASIC miners in ideal conditions that maximize hashrate and hardware lifespan. The ITG SHELL is built specifically for ASIC miners, with every detail of the design helping you achieve the highest possible returns.


In order to achieve a high capacity of mining devices, input voltages are provided at 415-380 Volts with 5-Wire setups (3 Poles, 1 Neutral, 1 Ground) and 240-220 Volts (Primary to Neutral).


Each shelf full of ASICs is fitted with a CNC-cut hot aisle containment barrier which improves laminar flow and minimizes cooling costs while keeping miners running at ideal temperatures.


Comes equipped with a 4” or 2” pleated MERV 4-12 filtration system and an awning-based intake system which enables a 38% increase in filter surface area over standard designs.


Each Pod is equipped with two PDUs, available in both Smart and Conventional units with 96 – C19 outlets and a 20 Amp circuit breaker on each outlet to ensure safe operation.


Doors are upgraded with high-strength magnetic locks and there are built-in infrared smart cameras on the exterior and interior so you’ll always have eyes on your mining infrastructure.


Our proprietary crypto-mining centric Smart PDU boasts several industry-specific features and enables you to monitor all of your connected hardware remotely 24/7.